"The tech guys here at DuoGlass would like to offer a quick note of deep gratitude for the outstanding and refreshing level of cooperation we’ve experienced setting up our Business Micros software packages.

To be frank your company’s assistance has been by far the most accommodating and straightforward experience in our entire venture so far. We should caution you that we will be directing other glazing manufacturers elsewhere for software, as we need all the advantages we can get.

In all seriousness we at DuoGlass would have no problem at all recommending your service and software to anyone looking for a window and door software management (who isn’t direct competition with us). Today we trained up a sales rep on the EvoSat system from scratch in about 20 minutes."

David Holmes, Director, Duo Glass

Website: http://www.duoglass.com.au


"Setting up business in Australia was a huge task and with no Software for UPVC manufacturing available, we turned to Business Micros for Help.

They responded quickly, producing a completely new data set for our profiles as well as new designs to accommodate the differences in the Australian market.

The time difference and distance between us has not created any difficulties in service or support and we are looking forward to growing our business and our relationship with Business Micros".

Paul Gerrard, Director, Earthsmart Doors & Windows

website: http://www.earthsmartdoors.com.au


"Winsulation Double Glazing has been using the Business Micros ‘Evolution’ software as a fabrication and costing aid for 18 months now. The program has proven to be very useful, accurate, and user friendly. We would be glad to recommend this system to other companies in similar situations.

Thank you for all your assistance for the last 18 months and look forward to your next visit".


Debbie Tate, Office Manager, Winsulation

Website: http://www.winsulation.com